Image Writer


Create CD/DVD images in your pendrive or Memory Card


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Image Writer is a lite application that allows you to convert a pendrive or Memory Card to a CD or DVD image.

Yes, it sounds rare, but the fact is that you can make a pendrive run as if it were a CD or DVD.

We only need to have the CD/DVD image stored in our PC.

Image Writer will create a virtual drive and when you plugin the pendrive, the program will make it run as if you had inserted a CD or DVD.

Image Writer has limited functions and not all users will find it very useful, but it can be helpful if we don't have CDs or DVDs and we need to burn them to use a certain program. In that case, we can use Image Writer to use our pendrives as CDs or DVDs.

Warning! Image Writer is still in Alpha phase, so it can present some bugs.

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